OB Weddings! Check Out The Beautiful Wedding Photos From #IBM2017

OB Weddings OnoBello--2

Every woman dreams of the day she walks down the aisle with the love of her life, and trust me, no feeling in this world is better than that.

OBWeddings presents to you the beautiful wedding photos from The #IBM2017 and of-cause their sweet love story.


This white wedding was not just bomb🎳🎳, it was earthquake💐💐💐! The big event hall was full like when the south south salt water has reached the last line it touches at the edge of the waterside..


Our story began in June 2016, we both attended a wedding ( Mimz cousin). I noticed this fine damsel the moment she walked in and then we were introduced by mutual friends after the wedding 🕺🏼🕺🏼. I asked for her number well the normal “shakara” surfaced but I got it anyways😜. We hit it off immediately like we’ve known each other forever, phone conversations got longer and more interesting. I proposed and she said YES 💏and here we are counting down to the next chapter of our lives together.


OB Weddings OnoBello--3

OB Weddings OnoBello--4

OB Weddings OnoBello--5

OB Weddings OnoBello--6

OB Weddings OnoBello--7

OB Weddings OnoBello--8

OB Weddings OnoBello--9

OB Weddings OnoBello--10

OB Weddings OnoBello--11

OB Weddings OnoBello--12

OB Weddings OnoBello--13

OB Weddings OnoBello--14

OB Weddings OnoBello--15

OB Weddings OnoBello--16

OB Weddings OnoBello--17

OB Weddings OnoBello--18

OB Weddings OnoBello--30

OB Weddings OnoBello--29

OB Weddings OnoBello--31

OB Weddings OnoBello--19

OB Weddings OnoBello--20

OB Weddings OnoBello--21

OB Weddings OnoBello--23

OB Weddings OnoBello--24

OB Weddings OnoBello--25

OB Weddings OnoBello--28

OB Weddings OnoBello--27

OB Weddings OnoBello--37

OB Weddings OnoBello--41

OB Weddings OnoBello--42

OB Weddings OnoBello--26

OB Weddings OnoBello--38

OB Weddings OnoBello--40


OB Weddings OnoBello--39

OB Weddings OnoBello-

OB Weddings OnoBello-1

Couple: Ib @smoofinz and Mimz❤

Photographer :@gaffmultimedia

Planner: @proevents.ng

Couple:@smoofinz + mims💓👌✌️😆

Gown by@bridalempire

Makeup artist- @Shadesbyaisha

Grooms outfit-@loucheclothiers


Dj @djjoenelofficial

Cocktail by @jays_cocktails




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