OB Weddings: Picture Perfect! A Tale of Love, Beautiful Mix of Pictures & Poetry

In the spirit of Valentine season, see images from a beautiful bridal styled shoot laced with poetry tagged ‘Picture Perfect’, created by Jide Odukoya in collaboration with some talented wedding vendors in Lagos.


The storyline features a lady who was once heartbroken, now trying to find true love.


See  below.


PicturePerfect --7

Left; A position suddenly turned into a state
Scars; Jagged lines around my hurt torn heart
Tears; Silver crystals you left in your place
Bars: Inner sanctum to keep others out


PicturePerfect --9

Sacred space well hidden by me
Starred bandages on my wounded heart
Scarlet wrappings so none could see
A testament of a well-played part



PicturePerfect --8

I did not give out any passes
My guards were up there was no compromising
Still, you were able to slip through my defences
Into this sacred space, my place of hiding


PicturePerfect --10

Because I am no different from you
Our love found me a way through
When would you admit that which you have refused to see
It is not possible that I only let you be



PicturePerfect -

Broken hearts or starry eyes?
Dying dreams or leaping hopes?
Holding back or moving on?
Past forgetting or tomorrow embracing?



PicturePerfect --4

I am here to stay
Not like the last
I am your only
And to me, you have no past



PicturePerfect --2

On this day we start forever
You have forever to truly see
There could never have been another
If another was never me



PicturePerfect --3

You are precious and true
And even if I could be with everyone else,
Who I would want is you.
How could I leave you?
Did you forget I chose you?
I was not compelled to.
But still, I had to
You needed love
And I needed someone to love
Don’t you realize?
Even though you were hiding
I was the one in need of saving



PicturePerfect --6

Picture perfect
Perfect picture
Pictured perfect
Perfected picture



PicturePerfect --5
The filler and the filled
The healer and the healed
The lover and the beloved
To forever and renewed





Concept/Photography: @jopstudios
Bride Model:
Groom Model:@ik_ubah
Bridal Gown: @ElizabethandLaceBridal
Groom Suits: @twelve19styles
Bridal Stylist: @lavish_bridal
Second Dress: @weizdhurmfranklyn
Accessories: @deobridals
Videographer: @lanreeshofilms
Makeup: @peaceIbadin_mua
Hair Stylist: @ceeteeguchi
Decor: @divine.events
Balloon Decor: @koachellah
Planner: @bankysuevents
Photography Studio@tope_horpload
Private Beach Area: @mood_nightlife
Poetry: @heartbyibk | www.heartbyibk.wordpress.com





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