OBBBNaijaSpecial: Frodd and Sir Dee Fake Fight To Pull A Prank On Birthday Girl Esther


The Big Brother Naija “Pepper Dem” house today witnessed what can be accorded as one of the best birthday pranks the show has ever seen, courtesy housemates Frodd and Sir Dee.

Knowing that Esther might be reluctant to come out for the birthday surprise they planned,  they looked for another route. The idea was that Frodd and Sir Dee should fake a fight.

Mercy, Diane and Esther were in the room when they heard a noise in the garden. Upon seeing that it was between Sir Dee and Frodd, Esther came out and held on to him, dragging him away as both hurled insults at each other. A few minutes later, the two stopped quarrelling and started singing, “happy birthday to you.” Everybody joined in and then they poured water on her.

See Video Below

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