#OBBBNaijaSpecial: Here Are Mercy Eke’s Top Moments From BBNaija Season 4

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On Sunday, 6th October marked the end of this season’s Big Brother Naija show, with Mercy Eke aka Lambo emerging as its first female winner.

But if you have been following the reality show from the onset, you’d remember that she was not one of those Nigerians thought would make it to the final stage. However, she proved them wrong while basking in humility and street smartness to win the grand prize.

During her stay in the house, Mercy earned the moniker, “Queen of Highlights”, but that didn’t happen for no reason. To celebrate her win, we’ve compiled some of her top moments/highlights in the BBNaija reality TV show.

First time flirting with Ike

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Mercy’s journey this season saw her finding and keeping love in 91 days. She got into the house crushing on Nelson and Gedoni and didn’t hide her preference for the men. However, both men didn’t seem to be into her and she settled for Ike, who eventually became the ‘resident bad boy.” Mercy’s definitive moment started during the first Saturday night party. Her outfit, dance moves, energy and curves secured her a trend that night. It was also the first time Mercy made a move on Ike right in the infamous Jacuzzi.

Becoming friends with Diane and fight with Gedoni


During this season, we also witnessed the friendship she shared with fellow housemate, Diane. The sisterly love proved to be very serious when she confronted Gedoni for making videos of Diane while she was drunk. It escalated so much that she smashed the phone while defending her friend. Twitter went wild while she garnered more supporters.

Mercy & Ike ‘mischeviousness

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Mercy and Ike became the Bonny and Clyde of BBNaija and they were as loving as mischievous while together in the house. They played several pranks on housemates and stole a couple of Bet9ja coins together and remained inseparable. Even when Ella tried battling for Ike’s love, Mercy wasted no time in clearly marking her territory. 

On becoming a Powerpuff girl

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Just by habiting and having conversations in the same room with Diane, Thelma, and Esther, Mike, Ike, and Jeff came up with a name for Mercy and her crew- the Powerpuff girls. The ladies were named the Powerpuff girls and became the most influential group in the house. The initial members as thought by Mike, Jeff and Ike were Mercy, Thelma, Diane, and Esther. However, the exit of Thelma, Esther became closer to the remaining two Powerpuff girls and they accommodated her although they had some reservations.

Lamborgini Mercy

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Mercy made herself several housemates’ delight all through her stay in the BBNaija 2019 Pepper Dem house. She was one of the pepper dem housemates and she did give the sauce as well as the juice in the house. Lambo was the life of the party. From her ‘dripping’ status to her conversations and racy outfits, Mercy made quite an impression on the housemates and viewers that she was dubbed Lamborghini Mercy by her fellow housemates. The nickname has since stuck with her replacing ‘Sugar,’ her moniker in her first week in the house.

Winning the Munch It dance challenge alongside Ike

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When the housemates were told create a comprehensive dance choreography based on their chosen direction and perform it in line with the Munch It song, while both dressed in the same onesie, it was only a call for doom.

No one really paid attention to them because of an ongoing conflict at that time. Frustrated by their unimpressive dance moves, Ike at one point expressed that she was tired and insisted that she would rather play this game alone. She also rebuffed Ike’s suggestion of stealing dance moves. How they managed to win against all odds made her fans even stan harder.

Emerging co-Head of House with Ike

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Watching her for weeks in the Big Brother House, it was clear that Mercy’s journey constantly improved all through. She was among the few ladies who got a chance to become Head of House. The best part of her tenure was that she got to rule with her in-house lover, Ike. Every day was definitely a moment during their time in the HOH room.

Jaw-Dropping fashion moments

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Mercy was unarguably the best-dressed female in the BBNaija house. Her sense of style stood out confidently while every look was celebrated almost every passing moment. According to Punch Newspapers, Mercy has stated that she would love to launch a fashion brand and we’re totally in support.

Fighting TachaMercy Eke Top Moments BBNaija 2019 OnoBello (28)Exactly 10 days to the end of BBNaija 2019 Pepper Dem, Mercy and Tacha went against each other and caused so much chaos in the house. Viewers were treated to a whole day of internet brouhaha with the two at each other’s throat exchanging invective till Tacha broke the rules. The day ended with Tacha getting disqualified and Mercy receiving two strikes. It was definitely the most talked-about moment throughout the entire season.

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