OBBBNaijaSpecial: Loverbirds, Ike and Mercy Pledge To Stick With Each Other Outside House


The love life in the Big Brother Season Four “Pepper Dem” house so far has three lovebirds, ranging from Gedoni and Khafi, Ike and Mercy, then Esther and Frodd. However today had some love-struck pledges by gangsta boy Ike and his barbie queen Mercy.

Earlier today, in the kitchen, Mercy was angry at Ike for comparing her cooking to Tacha’s. She also told him that she will miss Tuoyo because not even Ike can carry her as he always did on Saturdays. And then she asked, “Will you carry me?” Ike didn’t know what to say, so he only smiled.

While Diane was talking with Ike and Mercy, she asked to know if he will still be with Mercy outside Biggie’s House. His response was,

“I can see myself being with Mercy forever.” Mercy’s reply was, “I think I will still be with Ike regardless of what happens.”

When Diane asked if Ike would never play on Mercy’s emotions, he looked at her in amazement. Gangsta boy cornered?

Source – Big Brother Naija

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