OBBBNaijaSpecial: ‘Margaret Tacha’ Shuts Venita Up Over Food Wastage Rant


PH First daughter, Tacha is known to be one of the housemates in the Big Brother “Pepper Dem” house who is never shy to speak her mind or correct an impression at a will and today wasn’t an exception as she brushed aside Venita after she came up ranting about food wastage.

The Drama kicked off when Mercy told her and Enkay that Seyi kept soaked spaghetti in the kitchen, she flared up and stood up immediately. It seems she has had enough of food wastage, not even when there isn’t much to go round.

Instead, she was seen ranting about Tacha, Seyi and Mercy being the ones who frequent the kitchen the most. Seated there hearing her, Seyi did not budge on his seat. But that was him. If he could stomach being called out like that, not Tacha. She must have heard Venita as she passed by, so she responded as e dey hot, ‘If you’re going to be talking about people like that, please count me out’, she said, “Stop mentioning my name.” She concluded. As if that statement meant silence, Venita abruptly stopped talking and went back to the garden.

After that incident, Venita returned to her gist partners where they complained about certain Housemates who felt that they could get away with anything in the House.

Referring to Tacha, she wondered why a certain Housemate believes that shouting every time makes you a star. ‘An empty vessel makes the loudest noise,’ she said.

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Source – Africa Magic

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