OBBBNaijaSpecial: Peppery Tacha Blasts Joe, Hits Him Twice


Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Edition has some mild drama yesterday when the peppery ‘Margaret’ Tacha and Newbie Joe clashed, almost leading to a physical exchange.

Tacha and Joe had a very heated fight, she could be heard calling him all sorts of names just as he continues to get her even more furious till she hit him on his face.

Joe was seated away from Tacha when the fight started as she calls his Stupid, saying he is very stupid repeatedly. Joe who was ready to get her even more infuriated was calling her name as she continued to ignore him. He kept calling the furious Tacha’s name repeatedly while she ignored him.

Noticing he had pissed her off really bad, he stood up to join her on the couch she was seated and Tacha could be seen visibly shaking. He then asked if she was shaking for something else or just because he was seated beside her. Still Tacha ignored, Joe then moved to be closer to her and Tacha hit him on his face claiming he was trying to touch her.

The calm Joe said he was not trying to touch her because he “doesn’t like touching shit.” This triggered her even more as she rained insult on him. At this point, other housemates started coming around, asking Joe to please leave her before thing get out of hands.

Watch video below:

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