#OBBBNaijaSpecial: Sunday Night Eviction! Kimoprah and Ella Goes Home

Kim Oprah

Big brother season four surprised its viewers again after it evicted another two of its housemates in the second week of the game. After a voting session which had Mercy on top while Tacha and Sir Dee closely followed. Kimoprah and Ella were at the bottom of the food chain, hence, were evicted from the Big Brother “Pepper Dem” season four house.

In their last Diary session with Biggie. The Evicted Housemates revealed what they will miss the most. For Ella, she stated that she will miss the House while KimOprah, told Big Brother she will miss the communal eating with other Housemates.


In her chat with Ebuka on stage, Ella told the Host that the other Housemates were out to get her. When asked who was going to win, she was not specific as she wished all the Housemates good luck. KimOprah, the second Housemate to be Evicted, cited Ella as her least favourite Housemate. In her words. “Ella is erratic”. She also thinks Jeff would win.

The Eviction makes it a total of four housemates to be eviction which surprisingly are all girls. Check out a brief video of the new evicted housemates’ moments in the house.



Source – Big Brother Naija

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