#OBBBNaijaSpecial: Top Moments From #BBNaija2019 Day 1: Jeff Becomes HOH, Mercy Blows Hot!





BBN 2019Following a successful launch party on Sunday, the Big Brother Naija Season 4 has kicked off properly as twenty (21) housemates are left in their Lagos home to battle for a grand prize of N60M.

Here are the top moments from Day 1, Monday, July 1 2018. 

1. Wake and Grind!

Being in the House didn’t keep the Housemates from paying attention to their fitness. Leading the pack was Tuoyo, who started working out shortly after he woke up. Being a fitness coach and a “part-time stripper,” we totally understand why he is all about the fit life. The rest of the Housemates later joined in for an intense physical workout under the rain.


2.Housemate BondingBondThe trio of Mike, Avala and KimOprah spent the best part of the morning getting to know and open up to each other. It was quite an insightful they swapped personal stories about family and business.

Apparently, Avala has a five-year-old daughter who stays with her mum. KimOprah on the other hand, lost her dad at a really tender age. She fondly remembers taking trips with him to the zoo and going for picnics when he wasn’t busy.

Mike always talked about how he always wanted to be a professional athlete, before shedding light on his marriage of five years and the cigar business he opened in 2015.

The Housemates were reminded that they are in Biggie’s house and should, therefore, adhere to the rules set for them.

3. Mercy Sparks OffMercy

Housemate, Esther, was upset when the food she made was dished out without her getting to eat out of it. “You didn’t say you wanted to eat noodles and you came to dish it,” She complained. Mike, who thought he was the target of Esther’s tirade, owned up and apologised. Esther want the only one who had her meal eaten by someone else. Ella also complained of that one of the Housemates ate her well-prepared noodles and omelette.

4. Jeff is Head of House Jeff

Housemates were assigned the Task of selecting the Head of House by spending the day getting to know each other. The reward, at the end of the day is that the most deserving Housemate gets position of Head of House. As simple as this task might sound, there would have been severe consequences if they don’t select a HoH before lights out.

The HoH gets the honour of sitting on the Head of House Seat, a Badge and 500 Bet9ja Coins.The HoH also enjoys the luxury of a tastefully furnished Head of House Bedroom.

5.Bath Tub Trips

Housemates brought the fun to the game as they were no quiet moments on their first day in Biggie’s House. They ended the day with a cool-off in the Jacuzzi.

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