#OBBBNaijaSpecial: Top Moments From #BBNaija2019 Day 11: Housemates Lose Wager, Khafi and Gedoni Lovers?

BBN 2019

Day 11 of Big Brother Naija season 4 “Pepper Dem” edition is all shades of Life: A love relationship is brewing, Tensions are rising and Housemates got punished today.

Here is our top moments from BBNaija Day 11 – July 11, 2019

1. Gedoni and Khafi’s ClosureGedoni and Khaffi

Khafi and Gedoni are definitely stirring up the romance of the house and it getting better by each day. From giving her lessons in pidgin to intense caressing at night, the fire between these Housemates is really waging stronger. Beneath the sheets, the love birds whisper about sourcing for more Bet9ja Coins with Gedoni promising Khafi to talk to other Housemates for Coins, Love struck?

2. Birthday Tradition For Mike

As soon as Mike woke up this morning, Housemates gave him a birthday treat by dragging him to the pool,- Naija Style! However, fortunately for Pepper Dem Mike, the pool was dry.

3. Omashola and Sir Dee’s Face Off

After Biggie’s instruction about the new direction of the play, the Housemates re-strategise. As they continue to rehearse, Omashola flares up about Sir Dee’s remarks regarding the play. After a few seconds of verbal exchange, the rehearsal continues.

4.Housemates Lose Wager

Despite two days of altercations and rehearsals for the Thursday Task Presentation, the Pepper Dem Housemates have lost their Wager. The Play which featured a series of short performances that touched on social ills in the society saw the Housemates pulling all their weights to deliver an exceptional presentation. In the end, a rather unimpressed Biggie decided they didn’t put in enough effort deserving of a win.

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