#OBBBNaijaSpecial: Top Moments From #BBNaija2019 Day 2: Endurance Task Shakes Housemates, Tacha and Thelma Fights

BBN 2019

Day 2 in the Big Brother Naija Season 4 House is beginning to unleash the “pepper” in the housemates as well as test their physical and mental strength.

Here are the top moments from Day 2, Tuesday, July 1 2018. 

1.Mike Takes Charge Of Morning FitnessMike

Nigerian-British Athlete, Mike takes the housemates on a lesson or two on staying fit, of course that is his field.

2. Kimoprah and Ike Gets IntimateKimoprah

Ike could not seem to get his hands off KimOprah as they got busy with making breakfast for their fellow Housemates in the morning. While he went on and on about how she was serving wife material goals, he put his hands around her waist. To show approval, perhaps? KimOprah responded to this by giving a subtle comment – “get your hands off me, they’re oily”, she said.

3. The Endurance Task1562108361-33_1562101966031

The first Task called the Endurance Challenge was for each Housemate to hold a ball above his/her head with both arms stretched out as possible without bringing their arms down or resting it in any manner. The Gentlemen kicked off first while the Ladies tried to distact them. Going on for over 40 minutes, Nelson eventually won in the male aspect.


Roles were reversed and this time, the ladies were the one holding balls up high while the gentlemen distracted them. Kimoprah was the first to tap out, followed shortly by Thelma and eventually leaving Isilomo and Ella as the last two women standing. Ella  won challenge.

PS: An interesting part of the Task was that the ladies broke the record set by the gentlemen by exceeding the one-hour mark. Whoopie!!

4. Tacha and Thelma Fight Over Food

Thelma and Tacha drags each other over a piece of fish while other housemates looked on. This Erupted after Tacha cooked and served but Thelma protested that she got a small fish on her food, Tacha sparks!

5. Housemates Share Their BBN Audition Story

Housemates share hilarious stories of their BBN auditions across the Nation, a refute on rumours going around that there were ‘arrangements in the selection process’


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