#OBBBNaijaSpecial: Top Moments From #BBNaija2019 Day 3: Isilomo Gets Turned Down! Guys Gossip About Girls

BBN 2019

The Big Brother Naija Season 4 House gets more interesting as housemates are beginning to reveal their true self to each other, some are trying to form allies, some are missing home already, some got curved, while some are gossiping about each other.

Here are our top moments for Wednesday, July 3, 2019.

1. Ella Weeps, Misses Her Mum


Ella and Isilomo were in the HoH room when she started talking about her musical journey. She also touched on personal stuff like how her father didn’t support her and wanted her to get married young. Going down memory lane with her, she stated that her mother was her rock and support system.

2. Ella turns down Isilomo’s request to form Alliances

Isilomo New


As Ella was having her heart to heart talk, Isilomo saw an opportunity and quickly plugged herself in. In what Isilomo might have considered a vulnerable moment for Ella, she told Ella,

“We need each other to get to the finish line so I would like you not to Nominate me sometime”.

However, Ella response to that was “we can’t form alliances”. Turned out that Ella could actually think past the tears.

3. Tacha wins Needles Threading task (Ladies)


On Today’s task the Housemates were grouped into two. The ladies on one hand and the gentlemen on the other. The men were given fifteen minutes to jointly compose a song and perform the song while the ladies carried out their Task. The Task for them was to thread all the needles on one length of thread. As they do this, the men sang for them with the intention to either motivate them or to distract them.


Eleven plates containing needles were placed on the dining table for the ladies. Tacha Won the task while Khaffi followed as runner-up.

4. Sir Dee wins Needle Threading task (Guys)

Tables turned and it was time for the guys to thread the needle while the ladies sang for them. Sir Dee emerged as the winner while Ike followed as runner-up.

5. Late Night Boys Gossip About Girls

Frodd, Jeff, Ike and Seyi were caught sharing their thoughts about the female members of the Pepper Dem gang.

“Ella is giving me the green light”, said Ike. This was countered by HoH, Jeff, who mentioned that Ella has always made her feelings about Mike, known to anyone who cared to listen.

In this midnight revelation, Ike also declared his interest in Mercy;  referring to her as “a big fish”.  However, Ike was later curved by Mercy after she told him she only enjoyed teasing him. This pushed him to find love in the arms of Tacha – who he confessed to having feelings for.

6. Wednesday is set aside as as a ”Free day” for Ladies

The guys acted as real gentlemen in the house, hereby declaring Wednesdays as a “work free day for the women” – an idea that was initiated by Nelson and announced by the HOH.

Photo and Video Credits: Big Brother Naija

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