OBBBNaijaSpecial: Top Moments From Day 30: Biggie Brings In New Housemates, Bonnie & Clyde Breakup?


Biggie took the Big Brother Naija “Pepper Dem” housemates by surprise after he surprisingly introduced two new housemates into the house. Can the New housemates keep on with the spice?

Here is our top moments from BBNaija Day 30 – July 30, 2019

Friendship Wins

In the bid to maintain the friendship bonds in the House, Khafi and Jackye got to resolve their issues, Ike gave Mike a piece of advice regarding his strategy in the House and the Housemates started their day with a birthday surprise for Sir Dee.

A throwback to the 50’s

In line with going back in time, the Pepper Dem gang were Tasked to divide the House into three teams – with each team creating a fictitious love story set in the 50s era.
Remember when they were challenged to write love letters to a love-interest? Well, this time, Biggie asked them to have their love stories typed out using typewriters.

The Casts

Team A – Sir Dee, Tacha, Khafi, Frodd, Seyi;

Team B – Jeff, Oma, Mike, Esther, Mercy

Team C – Ike, Diane, Gedoni, Jackye.

The three teams worked tactically as they prepared to nail their Task presentation; one love story at a time. While some teams got their inspiration from the famous Great Gatsby movie, others shared personal stories that could be infused in the group work.

Bonnie and Clyde Breakup?


Speaking of love, following Esther’s missing Coins on Saturday Night, we finally got to know who the bandits were – our very own Icy pair. Interestingly, they were able to keep the Coins missing for what may seem like a long time to the assistant bandit – Mercy.

She woke up this morning with a frown on her face which later revealed that her anger was built from Ike’s refusal to return Esther’s stolen Coins.

Initially, we were not quite sure why the Coins were stolen in the first place – to revenge on Frodd’s behalf or to simply teach her a lesson. However, in their conversation today, Ike tried convincing Mercy to allow them to keep the Coins for the rainy days ahead. Well, the game is the game.

The pair sealed their conversation with what may seem like the first break up in the Pepper Dem House with Mercy leaving the room with tears rolling down her cheeks and break up words on her lips.

New Housemates!

Biggie took the housemates by surprise after he surprisingly introduced two new housemates into the house.

Venita, 32, the actress from Delta describes her personality as big and promises to bring a blend of confusion, fun, heat and drama to the Pepper Dem House.

Elozonam is the second Housemate and he describes himself as very goofy and playful and plans to bring that side of him to the House.

Mixed Reactions On New Housemates

Old housemates react to the new housemates, its a mixture of the good, bad and ugly.

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