OBBBNaijaSpecial: Top Moments From Day 31: Biggie Brings In Newer Housemates! Is Khadoni Safe?


Biggie took the Big Brother Naija “Pepper Dem” housemates by surprise again after he surprisingly introduced two newer housemates into the house, making it four in the span of two days.One of the housemates as we heard is Khafi’s ex, ooops!

Here is our top moments from BBNaija Day 31 – July 31, 2019

1. Truth or Dare!

After a long day of working on their Task and welcoming the two new additions to the Gang, the Pepper Dem Gang decided to loosen up with a game of Truth or Dare. Venita and Elozonam were a good sport as they actively took part in the game endearing themselves to their fellow Housemates.

A game that revealed a few truths and some exciting dares were what the Housemates needed to bring out their fun sides and give them their much deserved smiles and stomach felt laughter.

2. Esther Finds Her Coins, With A Note

Pepper Dem Housemate, Esther had her stolen Bet9ja Coins returned to her this morning. The Coins which went missing on Friday after the Bet9ja Arena Games were found in her cap inside the dressing room.

The Coins were not the only thing that returned to her as a note was discovered alongside the BB Naija currency. When Esther read the note, it said: “prank is over, thank you for waiting, be more careful next time”.

3. Two Newer Housemates, Enkay and Joe Join The Game

Being products of the #BBNaijaTwist, Enkay and Joe are the latest additions to the Pepper Dem gang.

From the moment Joe walked through the BB Naija door, there was a chemistry between him and Khafi. To make it interesting, he told the overly excited Khafi that he’s here for her. ummmm

Source– Africa Magic

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