OBBBNaijaSpecial: Top Moments From Day 32: Mercy and Diane Wants New Housemates Kicked Out!


Mercy & Diane

Mercy, Diane & Esther

Biggie took the Big Brother Naija “Pepper Dem” housemates by surprise again after he surprisingly introduced one newer housemates into the house, making it five in the span of three days.The housemates are definitely tired with the twist.

Here is our top moments from BBNaija Day 32 – August 1, 2019

1. Frodd Shoots his shot

Frodd has shown us that he has successfully moved on from his love-interest, Esther. His recent interest in one of the newest members of the Pepper Dem gang has raised some eyebrows in the House. Especially seeing that Omashola has not failed to show his feelings for Venita as well.

Frodd’s quest to win Venita’s heart was obvious during his conversation with her in the dressing room, which led to him offering to run her a hot bath in the Head of House bathroom. Badman!

2. Omashola and Mercy Clash

To complete the Task, the Pepper Dem Gang were split into groups. Mercy being the leader of a group, had to select her teammates and that’s how Omashola landed in her group. If she had known she was going to end up in a shouting match with him late into the night, she probably wouldn’t have made that selection. It didn’t take too long for her too to find out though. Unsatisfied with Mercy’s attitude towards the gravity of the work at hand, Omashola decided to make his grievance known in a rather loud way and of course, things turned ugly.

3. Mercy & Diane Wants The New Housemates Sent Packing!

The perfect opportunity presented itself and some of the Housemates seized it to let Biggie know what they wished for about the twists. Mercy and Diane were the headliners for this show. Mercy said that for the game to advance, she wants Big Brother to take back the new Housemates he brought from the House. Diane wish was along this line as she doesn’t want more Housemates. In her words “It is messing with our heads”

4. Iconic Team Wins Presentation Iconic

Based on the quality of their story, play and wardrobe, the Iconic team won the Thursday Night Presentation of the back to the 50s stage play. For their efforts and creativity, the winning group will be rewarded 100 Bet9ja Coins for each member of the group. This means Seyi, Sir Dee, Khafi, Tacha, Frodd and Enkay are smiling all the way to the bank.

A few outstanding performances were also acknowledged by Big Brother. For the beauty of his story and his seamless blend of tenses, Seyi was named the best narrator. Mercy was not left out as Biggie recognised her outfit as the best.

5. New Housemate Again?


While the Housemates were in the Arena displaying their acting prowess, a new Housemates made her way into the Big Brother Naija House. Cindy the latest crew member in the Pepper Dem gang took a tour around the House and made herself comfortable as she waited for her fellow Housemates. Fast forward to the Housemates return. As soon as they entered the House, the looks on the housemates’ faces wasnt so goo, so as their countenance.

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