OBBBNaijaSpecial: Top Moments From Day 51: Elozonam Warns Venita Against Gedoni


The Big Brother Naija “Pepper Dem” house was once filled with dramas, gossips and emotions as the clock ticks to the 51st day in the house, 48 more days to go!

Here is our top moments from BBNaija Day 51 – August 20, 2019

1. Elozonam and Diane Talk Things Out elo diane

Following Elozonam’s choice to Save Venita and Replace her with Frodd, a lot of feelings were exposed regarding the situation surrounding it. Meanwhile, Frodd aired his hurt to Esther, as he vouched to become next week’s Veto Power Holder just to seek his revenge on Elozonam.

First, we had Venita show her appreciation to Elozonam in the Dressing Room. Afterwards, Elozonam revealed the reason for his decision to Venita. According to him, “we’re in the same shoes, we want the same thing.” In his conversation with Esther in the garden regarding this same issue, Elozonam said he only made the Save and Replace decision because he hasn’t spent a long time in the House and neither has Venita. For this reason, he had to Save Venita to keep her in the House. Although it wasn’t quite revealed why he chose Frodd to replace Venita, this sole decision has raised eyebrows amongst other Housemates.

Still on the subject of betrayal, Diane who seemed upset about Elozonam’s verdict, did not fail to express herself to Esther where she said she saw it coming that Elozonam wouldn’t Save her and in her defence, she’s just glad she didn’t have anything intimate with him during the truth and dare sessions.

To air how she truly felt, she had a conversation on the subject matter with Elozonam himself.

“I saw it coming that you weren’t going to Save me,” she told him while they were in the Garden. “What’s the difference between my action and the one you made last week?” he replied.

After making her see things from his own perspective together with her reassurance that she wasn’t hurt about the situation, they ended the night on Elozonam’s bed where they held hands for a while before Diane tucked him to bed.

2. Elozonam Warns Venita Against Gedoni

Venita went about telling people about the fact that Khafi was gossiping about her. She mentioned it to Ike, Mercy, Elozonam and Gedoni himself. Seeing that the two have become close since Sunday, Venita has made it a point of duty to remind Gedoni that she can have him if she wanted to – all which was met with Gedoni’s silence and affirming remarks..

In the dressing area, Elozonam warned her to be careful around Gedoni.

3. Tacha Blasts Mike For Cheering Her On

Tacha flared up at Mike for cheering her on during the workout session this morning. Surprisingly, the matter later became Esther’s.

In the Arena this morning, Tacha flared up at Mike for cheering her on after being punished by the instructor.

4. Shoe Size Equals ‘Thing’ Size?

What have you heard about shoe size?

Well, Esther, Diane, Frodd, Omashola and Gedoni had an entertaining conversation on how the size of a man’s ‘third leg’ can be determined by the shoe size.

It all started when Diane made a pass at Seyi the resident sugar daddy and Esther playfully warned her to be careful. Diane who was not deterred by Esther’s warning said: “If I want to have your daddy, I will have him in a day.”

The conversation then dovetailed to the other ‘daddy’ down there. According to Esther, a man’s shoe size can be used to determine the size of his ‘member’. She also went on to say “we want to see; we will drop Bet9ja Coins to see it.” Omashola in a bid to defend the honour of the men in the House said it was not about the size, but the work put into it.

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