OBBBNaijaSpecial: “You Are Not Fit For Leadership” – Mike Slams Seyi


One of the ‘coolest’ housemates in the Big Brother Naija ‘pepper dem’ house, Mike said a piece of his mind to another housemate and also head-of-house Seyi earlier today as they held the rehearsal for their presentation.

The argument sparked off after Mike made fun of Seyi’s comment of describing the earth as being round. The statement apparently offended Seyi who walked out of the team. However, before walking out he said “please, i don’t like you coming to me for personal beliefs, i fond it offensive and childish”

In response, Mike told him to stop being hypersensitive and futher stated thathe wont roll over when he raises his voice at him.

“Why are you offended, stop being hypertensive, you cant raise your voice at me and expect me to roll over. You cannot keep forcing your opinion on all of us. You overreact sometimes.”

“You are not fit for leadership when you keep quitting. To me, that is petty i don’t work with sensitive response”

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