OBBeauty! Cardi B Shows Us You Can Also An Iron To Straighten Your Hair

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For the days when you can’t find your flat iron/Straightener, you can go to your laundry room and use that iron to achieve that straight hair look. Yeah! Cardi B did it…

In a video posted to dabaddiecardib’s Instagram page yesterday Cardi is seen instructing a hairstylist to use an iron to tame stubborn flyways.

“So I need to flatiron my hair but I don’t have a flatiron, so we just going to use this,” she says. She then tells the stylists to use the iron on the roots of her hair since it needs the most work.

see video below

Gotta do what you gotta do 😂 #CardiB • #Bardigang @iamcardib

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