OBTV! Season Finale Of “King Women” Featuring Engineer Mayen Adetiba Is A Must Watch!


The final episode of Kemi Adetiba‘s King Women is out! This episode features Kemi’s mother Engineer Mayen Modupeola Adetiba.

Engineer Mayen talked about how her mother used to have problems with her teachers because they always complain that she behaved like boys. “That’s my life,” Mayen said, adding that she grew up with boys and did everything the boys did.

“Whatever they did I always thought I could do,” she said.

She shared a story of her time at a Dutch company when she learnt that she wasn’t supposed to enjoy some benefits as her male counterparts.

“I have grey matter like everybody else and I was not employed as a female engineer but as an engineer,” she told the managing Director, adding “I need you to give me what is due me.. Just like my male counterparts.”




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