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OnoBello OnoBello

They call him Blackknight – Gulder Ultimate Search Star, GUS 1 (Snake Island), Uche Odikanwa, a model and Nollywood actor has a reputation for being something of a sexual Spartan, the ultimate Naija Boy, probably possesses one of the strongest visual characters in Nigeria today.

He is leading the healthy balanced lifestyle (with lashings of glamour) that makes him the natural choice to be a brand ambassador. Uche has starred in ads for Gulder, Guinness, acted in Nollywood movies and recently featured in DIWARI’s – OGUN MI music video.


As well as being known for his Spartan lifestyle, smoldering eyes and sexy body, Uche is a well grounded man who definitely knows his worth, an MBA graduate from the University College Dublin, confident, and ‘not one to force things’. He is passionate about fitness and exercises about four or five times a week. He considers fitness as an outlet to enhance the quality of his life and also central to his emotional well being.

OnoBello OnoBello

OnoBello OnoBello

OnoBello OnoBello

Uche’s background is in Psychology from the University of Ibadan-Nigeria. He holds a masters degree in Supply Chain and Global Logistics Management from the University College Dublin-Ireland.

He is an ardent disciple of healthy living and probably possesses one of the strongest visual characters in Nigeria at the moment. A well grounded man who definitely knows his worth. Real, at peace with himself, confident, and ‘not one to force things’. He has always exhibited creativity and spirituality. Uche admires and respects people who are real, kind, compassionate and honest, people of positive values that are willing to engage in meaningful and intellectual issues.

His experience is vast in commercials and brand endorsements and has been photographed by the legendary Uche James Iroha (Lagos-Nigeria), Fulvio Francone (Milan-Italy) Luis Raphael (Miami U.S.A), Dallas JP Logan (New York-U.S.A) and Kelechi Amadi Obi (Lagos Nigeria). Uche also featured in a number of television, billboards and print advertising. He has worked with notable brands like Guinness and Gulder. He was the celebrity star and runner-up in the premier edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search 2004.

OnoBello OnoBello

OnoBello OnoBello


He has contributed to Nollywood film industry and worked with award winning Nollywood directors.

Movies Projects:
Rampage (1998) Directed by Madu Chikwendu.
Screams 1&2 (2000) Directed by Dike Nwachukwu.
Clash. (2001) Directed by the award winning director Cash Nwachukwu.
Armed Forces (2002).
W Ajiko Forest (2004) Directed by Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi.
Six Demons (2005) Directed by the multiple award director, Teco Benson.
Executive Lady (2006) Directed by Ruke Amata.

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