Offset Reportedly Wins Cardi B Back After Accepting Conditions

"Who Want the Music?" Lil Yachty Cardi B Offset

Rapper and mother of one, Cardi B is now back with her rapper beau, Offset after he met the conditions she set for a reunion.

According to reports, the both of them are currently under the same roof in their Atlanta home – this will be the first time Cardi B would be visiting the house since their break up.

Cardi had accused Offset of cheating and moved out of the house with their new born baby, Kulture.

Image result for Cardi B gives Offset conditions as they make up to be together again

The couple are now back together again but based on conditions set by Cardi. Part of the terms include Offset changing his number. The only people who will have access to the new number are Cardi and his business associates.

There’s also a new “no groupie rule” and Offset is willing to show how serious he is about it by preventing ladies from coming close to him during his Superbowl appearance in Atlanta.

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