Oh, Pleasant Surprise! Beyonce And Jay Z Crash A Wedding In Italy, See Photos!

Leave it to Beyonce to crash a wedding in style!

OnoBello OnoBello

Beyonce, 33, and husband Jay Z, 44, are currently vacationing in Portofino, Italy, where the two decided to pop into a local church on Saturday.

Clearly, the A-list couple didn’t know there was a wedding going on, but Beyonce more than made up for it by taking a picture with the ecstatic bride.

And despite being underdressed for the occasion in a pink floral bikini, a nude sarong skirt, black shades and a straw hat, Queen Bey still managed to look picture-perfect and obviously made the bride’s day.

Beyonce and Jay Z also appeared more enamoured with one another than ever in the new pics, with Jay putting his arm around his wife in a not too over-the-top showing of PDA.

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Credit: ET 



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