Omoni Oboli Pens Letter To Movie Lovers & Fans, Read Here!

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Omoni Oboli recently premiered her latest flick The First Lady, which has received a lot of praises from industry critics and movie watchers.

The First Lady since its premiere has been showing in cinemas nationwide which we are guessing has prompted for the actress and movie-maker to pen down this letter to her fans and movie lovers.

Here’s what she wrote:

Good afternoon people. My name is OmoniOboli (An actress and movie maker). I am a little emotional as I write this letter. I am emotional because of the outpouring of love towards my new movie, The First Lady.

This is the third week at the cinema and the report we get has been outstanding. We have outsold many Hollywood and Nollywood movies and survived the Nigerian fierce box office battle that I personally think has been designed to favour foreign movies (that is another matter for another day). As I read the latest sales reports from the cinema I am overwhelmed and my heart is full of gratitude to God and everyone that has seen this movie, The First Lady. Thank you.

My gratitude stems from the fact that we have very few female directors and movie makers. As a matter of fact, I have been told that I will not excel as an actress, I did and now many people including a couple of male directors dismissed my chances as a director but today I can boldly claim two box office hits while many of them are yet to have one despite several showings at the cinemas. I am not in any way trying to be boastful, no not at all. I am only trying to reminisce and count my blessings. I have been blessed; the industry and buying public accepted me after 10 years of absence. My marriage is not used to discriminate against me, neither is my non-alliance to any particular clique. I want to say thank you to everyone that has offered any form of support, especially to you guys that have taken out time to see The First Lady. Thank you.

By the way, I am giving out N10 000 to a number of people who will be seeing The First Lady. All you need to do is take picture with you cinema ticket stud, (make sure the date is showing), post it on Instagram, write your own review (what you think of the movie) and tag me @omonioboli on Instagram. You can read more on how to win here:

Yours Always

Omoni Oboli


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Watch trailer of The First Lady  here!

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