Online Advertising – The Way Forward!

In a nutshell, an advertisement is a form of mass communication technique targeted at various segments of the public.  Similar to the former, online advertising is equally a form of mass communication via the internet. Ads are employed by organisations depending on their nature of business mainly for commercial purposes or otherwise in order to reach consumers of goods or services.



In recent times, particularly due to advances in technology and the cosmopolitan nature of audiences, there has been a gradual shift from the conventional means of advertising to the online environment by more businesses. Of all the marketing mix elements, ads are the most persistent and thus, inform and enlighten buyers around the world on various goods and services sellers have to offer. However, its efficacy is dependent on its application as each of us sees more ads alone in one year than people of 50 years ago saw in an entire lifetime – DMNews magazine, 12.22.97”, resulting from the saturation of various ads on the internet. Similar to a previous post on how to get your business out there, knowing your target audience enables you come up with tailored ads to reach them which are more cost effective.

I don’t need to go down memory lane on the advantages of ads in general, but some impacts the online environment had created for advertising are remarkable. It provides an avenue for instant penetration of information to audiences in various geographical locations. It gives in-depth knowledge detailing the types of goods and services offered by various businesses. It also fosters two-way communication between buyer and seller which is imperative to the success of any business venture. Some of the platforms of online advertising include;

  • Social Networking Advertising
  • Email Advertising
  • Web Banner
  • Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Without an inkling of a doubt, the online environment has provided a platform with vast opportunities for organisations to advertise their businesses to either large heterogeneous audiences or small niche audiences. If thinking of opportunities for your business, think online ads!

At, we offer the following advertising packages:

We guide companies and make sure that featured advertorials placed on this website exceed your desired expectations and meet your business goals.

The secret of a good advertorial, feature is that it is a ‘soft sell’ and uses only subtle branding. Its editorial style does not interrupt the flow of reading and therefore achieves a high level of acceptance.

This we will do by drawing on our brand values and translate to those of your business. In this case, providing a valuable endorsement from this online title, an unparalleled sense of style and the strength of reach the internet has in today’s ever growing world.

Our dedicated creative team is experienced in knowing just what will appeal to people out there and we work closely with you to produce pages that are tailored and timed to suit your needs with the impact and glamour only this magazine can deliver.

We can either take total charge of photography and artwork or work with you to make sure any feature, advertorial or sponsorship is represented in the highest quality. We can roll out promotional campaign both locally and internationally.

Our promotions can effectively build an entire marketing campaign. Using the images and graphics we create in our advertorial features we can produce the highest quality display material for point-of-sale or promotional purposes. We will also continue to use these images for display advertising on our site and in other PR/press articles. We can also feature these images in other related newspaper and magazine titles. We will negotiate the best rates for those used on your behalf.

As part of our creative services, the magazine is able to support advertisers and sponsors with specially designed reader events which will be flagged up on the website and which will be properly written, well organised and hosted by the Style Director and other industry experts. The readership and PR exposure from such events will help drive new customers/clients into your business.

We are able to tailor-make these events to suit the needs of each individual advertiser, often serving as a useful in store marketing tool for point of sale customers or clients. We can organise full-blown fashion shows, themed events specifically for your products, intimate workshops or simply a mail out to our subscribers.

A specified number of mix of brand advertising and advertorials designed to relate closely to the editorial themes of the magazine.

As the leading Style content providers in Nigeria with our Weekly Newsletter service where readers get engaging emails and information on your products.

Our editorial team of professionals can customise your profile on news, events, product/collection launches with immersive content.

In this new age of media, is bringing about ‘a style revolution’ in the area of digital marketing.

All rates are available on request, for more information, send an email to:


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