Ono’s Diary: Photoshoot With A PR Client

Happy Friday!


So last Saturday, I had a photoshoot with on of my PR clients for some campaigns we are running in the near future.


Though it was work, I opted for a relaxed comfortable gear good for running around, I was creatively directing the shoot.


Here’s me in a Levi’s denim shirt dress paired with my favourite Dior Sunglasses.


Levi’s denim shirt dress paired with this very lovely diamante flats from Zara! I was looking cool, hahahahah….what do you think?


The shoot was so much fun! Thanks to my darling Anehita Ojeabulu (pictured here), big kiss…and my favourite photographer in Lagos, Moussa Moussa (not pictured here) and his team.


At work!


Oh what an incredibly busy week it has been. I am terribly needing this two days of Sallah break next week Monday and Tuesday. Catch up later. kisses and hugs. Xxxx


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