Ono’s Diary: How To Wear Leather Shorts

Hey there Fashionistas!


It’s Friday and I am in the mood to share from my fashion diary.


This morning my own Style Inspiration was from an old pair of leather shorts that has been sitting in my wardrobe for the past year waiting for the right time.


Today, it finally hit me, Aha! “It’s Friday, I work for myself and do not have any business meetings scheduled so why not wear those leather shorts I have been itching to”.


Leather shorts was one of my favourite fashion trends for 2011. They really should be added to your list of must-haves though they can’t be a staple in a place like Nigeria where I live in because of the humid climate, however you can dress them up to look preppy perfect and sexy.


This is me today; Leather shorts from Topshop, shirt from French Connection, handbag from Cassandra and shoes from Steve Madden

Although a little fashionably frightening at first glance, I’ll show you how friendly these leather and leather pieces really are!


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about leather shorts? I bet you’re going to say sex. While they are undeniably adventurous, the secret to wearing them well is toning down their innate risque qualities.


This is me a year ago at the Elite finals; same leather shorts, top from French Connection, clutch from ASOS and shoes from Christian Louboutin


Tips on how to wear them

  • Layer up your pieces! In the case of leather bottoms and shorts, more is always more.
  • When topping off your leather shorts or shirts, try off-setting the sexy fabric by tucking in a comfortable shirt. This look goes best with high-waisted styles.
  • You can also wear with neutral loose fitting top. Be it a silk crop, button up or slouchy, you’ll be feeling fresh.
  • If you’re going for a more professional vibe, (if you work in the fashion/entertainment industry like I do) try adding a great blazer to your look. Boyfriend blazers work well because of their long style, covering you up in all the right places, allowing just a hint of that sassiness.


However, if you’re ready to take on leather dresses, proceed with caution! When choosing your leather piece, make sure your pair is lined or else you’ll be sweating profusely! Go with a flat sandal or a modest wedge for a more demure look.


I hope that we’ve inspired you to try out leather shorts, now go forth and dress!


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