OnoBello.com 20 Days Of Valentine Giveaways: Day 10 – Goodies From Blinx, Taos & Vane!!!

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Oh yea, it’s no joke, we are really giving out items from 3 different high-class beauty brands today. A lucky fan will win a goody bag from Taos Cosmetics and Blinx Lashes while another lucky fan will win goodies from Vane Polish and also Blinx Lashes.Giveaway4

Blinx Lashes is a new, innovative and exciting beauty brand that specializes in strip false eyelashes. It aims to transform the way we use false eyelashes during our make-up regimes, it doesn’t need to be a daunting and time-consuming task!

They offer a wide range of top quality products as their eyelashes are 100 % hand-made with synthetic or sterilized human hair. Their eyelashes are ultra-light and have a weight-less feel, making them extremely comfortable to wear.Giveaway5




Taos Cosmetics Inc is a growing sassy, feminine & luxury beauty brand which focuses on providing topnotch makeup products for the modern woman. Included in the Taos goody bag are 2 Taos rouge a levres lipsticks, 1Taos Matte liquid lipstick, 1 Taos Foundation Primer and 1 Taos bright lip-gloss.Giveaway9 Giveaway10

Vane Polish is an international luxe nail polish brand based in Lagos, Nigeria. The simply bring luxury to your fingertips.


To be eligible to win in the OnoBello.com Valentine Giveaway of the day, you MUST:

  1. Follow OnoBello.com Instagram pages: @onobello@obstreetstyle

Twitter: @onobello and like the Facebook fan page: Ono Bello

  1. Follow Blinx Lashes on Instagram @blinxlashes; Vane Polish on Instagram @Vanepolish; Taos Cosmetics @Taos_Inc
  2. Answer the questions below correctly;
  • Who invented false eyelashes?
  • What is the theme/name of Taos Cosmetics most recent collection?
  • Who is the creative mind behind Vane Polish?


Leave your answers in the comments section below and also include your social media handle(s) (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram).


For Example:
·         Cameron Diaz
·         Platinum Princess
·         Tyra Banks (Instagram: @onobello |Twitter: @onobello | Facebook: Ono Bello)
OnoBello.com still has loads of giveaway prizes to be won…Watch Out!!!Giveaway11




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  1. David. W.Griffith
    Bronze Goddess
    Veronica Odeka (Instagram:@Kamene |Twitter: @MzNefetari |Facebook: Isichei Kimberly Kamsy )

  2. 1. D. W Griffith
    2. Bronze Goddess Collection
    3. Veronica Odeka (Instagram @joyobiesie, Twitter @ObiesieJoy, Facebook Joy Obiesie

  3. 1. David W. Griffith
    2. Bronze Goddess
    3. Veronica odeka
    Facebook: Nkem Steph Okoye
    Twitter: Sleeksteph_
    Instagram: lastephmakeovers

  4. David W. Griffith (Human hair lashes)
    Bronze Goddess collection
    Veronica Odeka
    Facebook : Mgbemena Rosemary Chioma
    Instagram: @Babiestace
    Twitter: @Baebestace

  5. .David W. Griffith
    .Bronze Goddess Collection
    .Veronica Odeka
    Facebook-onyeike chinwendu Juliet
    Twitter-juliet onyeike

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