OnoBello.com Spotlights Prinye Jaja, First Lady Of MC Galaxy’s Record Label– Her Music, Game Plan, Beauty Secrets, More!

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Days back, we brought you news of the newest addition to ‘Sekem’ crooner MC Galaxy’s MCG Empire record label, Prinye Jaja.

The stunning beauty who has been dubbed the first lady of the label had a chat with OnoBello.com’s Olufunke Edidi and she talks getting signed by MC Galaxy, her music, background, game plan, possible collaborations and of course, beauty secrets.

While we anticipate her first single, Prinye says: “I look forward to the support of the entire industry toward my career, and I promise nothing but the best of me”.

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Congratulations on your signing to MCG Empire Prinye! Tell us, how did that come about?

I have been doing music in the United States for some years and MC Galaxy saw me performing in an event while he was in the state to record with swizz beats and also to setup the MCG EMPIRE platform, and that was when he discovered my talent.

He asked where I come from and I said Nigeria. He said, “Now you have to come to Nigeria and do music! We have something in common! I love the way you dance; you dance like me, and he told me I will be the first lady of MCG EMPIRE”

How long have you been doing music and was it something you always wanted to do?

I’ve always been involved in entertainment from younger age, Music, however, was something that started out as fun. It became never became a passion until two years ago, when I got more involved in performing my songs at venues in California, and received so much positive feedback. Right now, I want to start professionally.

What’s your genre of music?

I’m in love with pop culture! From the high tempos to the massive drums (gbetu’s), there’s no doubt, Afropop is what I plan to take to another level!

We know you’re a descendant of the great Jaja of Opobo dynasty. Tell us more about yourself and background. 

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 With her Dad 

I was born and brought up in California where I had my education. I’m a lover of fashion and entertainment. I adopted a lot from the Opobo family and it makes me strong and helps me win every challenges that comes my way.

If you check the history of my ancestors, you will understand how much we fight for rights and freedom. I plan to do the same with my God given talent to help other people discover how they can make their society a better place.

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 With her Mum 

So…what are your plans for the music industry? You came to take over or ….?

I’m not in any competition to take over. I came here to represent African music to the world and to make people happy.

Who would you say you look up to in the industry both locally and internationally?

I look up to Beyoncé and Rihanna. They are both incredible entertainers that have accomplished so much in their career. Am also inspired by the C.E.O of Mcg Empire, He is an hard working self-made entertainer who has taken the African from local to international people.

Asides MC Galaxy (ofcourse), which other artistes are you looking to work with in terms of collaborations?

I would like to work with Wizkid. He is just too talented!

What are you working on right now and when should we be expecting your debut single as an MCG Empire artiste?

We are currently recording and also working with some international artist. My first single will be dropping soon with a video, which will be shot abroad.

You’re a songwriter too…have you written any song we might have heard from another artiste?


BTW, you’re a total hottie! Tell us your beauty secret(s). 

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Thank you so much! The regimen I follow are simple. For skin, I drink a gallon of water daily; exfoliate twice a day and then apply Johnson Baby Oil twice a day, as my lotion. For makeup, I make sure to pick shades that compliment my skin complexion; even if that means I have to wear a darker foundation, I will.

Makeup with high pigmentation, full coverage and high definition, is what I generally use.

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