Ono’s Diary: OnoBello.com Is Two Years Old Today!

Hello readers, if you have been with us right from when we officially launched this online magazine, you should know that today is our two years anniversary. Whoop whoop…. I am so excited that we are still here to dish out to our fashion and news audience on the latest happenings around the world.

Two years ago only seems like yesterday, though it has been a tough one, but I must admit it has only helped me be a better person and understand the terrain of business especially in Nigeria. I can remember when I had an official launch on a Tuesday, the 11th of January in 2011; the day is still so fresh in my mind. I had invited a group of Journalists, close friends and my family to come for drinks while I nervously did a presentation on what my business venture was all about.

You see, I had just left my job working with a magazine the December before the launch as I was working to start my up my own business, which is by far the hardest challenge I have had to face. You know, leaving the security of getting a pay check at the end of every month, well in my case every two or three months as it wasn’t certain that there will be enough funds to pay everyone’s salary every month. But am sure those of you in paid employments know what I mean, there’s this security that comes with working and knowing that for sure your salary will come at the end of the month, I guess that’s what keeps a lot of people in paid employment and keeps them from taking the bold step to follow their passion and try new things. For me, I wanted more, I was always broke and so unhappy, at my place of work at the time and I felt my passion for the job was not being put to use and there was the office politics going in there too, well. So one day, I said to myself that, I will rather work for on my own, put all my knowledge and passion to use than work where my ideas are not included in the business coupled with delayed salaries. So I for me, best to put all my ideas, passion and energy into what I love to do. That decision has been my best so far!

Like most start up entrepreneurs, I was unsure of what I was getting myself into, I knew was passionate and knew what I wanted to achieve. I didn’t have loads of money stacked in my account at the time, to be honest I had enough money to sustain my bills and pay my part time website manager for just three months, thank God for family and friends I was able to pull through the early months.

Back to the business, PR UNO (the Public Relations mother company) and OnoBello.com (online, new digital magazine) are two separate businesses, and for us it is about moving into sectors and contributing positively to the development of Africa and especially Nigeria.

I have come to understand that running a business especially one out of Nigeria is not by following business models or what the marketing gurus say. You have to develop a fairly thick skin against the criticism from everyone and working hard at proving them wrong by having your ideas accepted by the market.

When it comes to business, some of the best ideas are rejected by some people only for the next set of people to find them compelling.

Our businesses are growing rules and myself and small team of five (at the moment) is working to link them with our philosophy, name, brand values and attitude.

In the last two years, I have learnt some things, I have had a lot of interns and other staff come and go in this short space of time but now I have come to understand my core team. My number one priority is to be good with people. I care about the people around me from my Business Development Lead, Writers, Editors, Web Managers, Graphics Artists, Office assistants down to the Cleaner, and I can see that the people I work with come alive and share in the vision of the businesss I carry this culture and philosophy on with my clients and other people I come in contact with.

So today and always, I am grateful to my parents for bringing me up the way they did. I was brought up in a loving family that always look for the best in me and I believe that has shaped the way I relate with others which is very important in any aspect of business and personal relationships.

To mark our two years anniversary in business, I am thanking you my readers, clients, friends and family for being here with me and hope you stay glued here and witness our growth in the next one year.

God bless!


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