Onyeka Onwenu: Veteran Singer Announces Memoir ‘My Father’s Daughter’ Release Date

Onyeka Owenu My Father's Daughter OnoBello (1)

Onyeka Onwenu has announced the publication date of her memoir, a deeply personal account of the life of the iconic Nigerian musician.

Her publishing firm Expand Press – confirmed the news in a press release – said the book would “try to provide an honest account of my presidency”.

My Father’s Daughter is set for set to be released on October 1, coinciding with the 60th year Independence Day celebration of the country. The autobiography chronicles Onwenu’s life as a musician, activist, feminist, wife, mother, and politician.

From her marital experience and her constant refusal to discuss her personal life, Onwenu shows that a woman’s worth is not predicated on her attachment to a man. Her blunt refusal to be seen as the weaker counterpart is rare in her generation, and in the lines of her book lies vital lessons young people can draw from.


Onwenu’s memoir is available for pre-order on Rovingheights website.

Onyeka Owenu My Father's Daughter OnoBello (2)

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