Opeyemi Aiyeola Urges Men To Marry Truthful Single Mothers Than Insincere Single Ladies

Opeyemi Ayeola OnoBello

Opeyemi Aiyeola has expressed her opinions on marriage with single mothers and women who have gone through abortions.

According to the popular Yoruba actress who gave her controversial reasons on Instagram, it is better to marry a truthful single mom than a pretentious single lady that has done many abortions.

Aiyeola, also a producer and television personality went on to describe some single ladies who have gone through several abortions as ”mother of graves”. She also noted that it is better to birth an unplanned child than to abort.

“Better marry a truthful lady, after two or three or more, than marry a lady with seven abortions, pretending to be an angel; yet, she is a mother of graves…..unknown,” she wrote.

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