Oscar Pistorius Trial: Athlete ‘At Risk Of Suicide’ Says Mental Health Report


Oscar Pistorius, South Africantrack star who has been on trial for murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp on February 14th 2013, has been confirmed to have been in a healthy state of mind at the time of the shooting as against his claims.

The amputee had given the impression that he was mentally disturbed about the time of the murder and was taken for a 30day mental evaluation and confirmed mentally fit.

Although the case has been adjourned but if found guilty when re-visited, Pistorius might be looking at 25 years in prison. This probably is the reason why he is feared to be at the risk of committing suicide as stated by the psychology’s report prepared for his murder trial.

25 years in jail? That will break even the strongest of spirits.


Photo Credit: Ground Report


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