“Our Journalists Should Have Integrity”- AY Makun Speaks Up On The Pastor Tony Rapu Saga

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Pastor Tony Rapu, a senior pastor of “This Present House Church” has been in the news lately. Some media houses published what people are calling “Fake News” of Pastor Tony Rapu being involved in a diesel deal with one Olawunmi Dilureni and is being summoned by the EFCC.

We learned that the supposed “Anthony Rapu” involved in the diesel saga, was assumed to be Lagos Pastor Tony Rapu, and most media houses published his name without proper confirmation.

This Present House Church released a statement saying:

“Our attention has been drawn to a story carried by various media outlets stating that someone named ‘Tony Rapu’ is a party in an alleged fraud case involving one Olawunmi Dilureni and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC). We hereby notify the public that Pastor Tony Rapu is in no way connected to the alleged fraud case. Pastor Rapu never invested in a diesel supply business as alleged, nor has he been defrauded by any Olawunmi Oluremi; neither is he a party to any case with the EFCC. We request the media outlets concerned to immediately retract the publications to avoid further action.”


    Some of the popular celebrities like AY Makun, Waje, Banky W, speaks up on the ridiculous news and this is what they have to say.    

*Journalists need to confirm their stories before rushing off to print*! Earlier today, the News Agency of Nigeria purportedly published a story about a woman who allegedly defrauded a man named Tony Rapu and others for a large sum of money in a diesel supply deal. What did the ‘journalists’ who wrote this story do? They jumped on the name ‘Tony Rapu’, assumed it was Pastor Tony Rapu, Senior Pastor of This Present House / House of Freedom and published the story using his picture and details of his organization. This is wrong! Sadly, this story has been picked up and published verbatim by several other news outlets including The Nation and The Nigerian Tribune. If any of these ‘journalists’ had bothered to check their facts instead of being concerned with headlines, they would have known that the alleged story has nothing to do with Pastor Tony Rapu! When will our journalists be more concerned about integrity and less about sensationalism? Pastor Rapu has every right to sue these so-called news agencies for defamation. Maybe this is the only way they will learn the errors of their ways. A post shared by Ayo Makun (@aycomedian) on






Woke up this morning thinking about the dangers of social media. People don’t seem to care enough about the authenticity of news put out. You work hard in your field of endeavor, you have goodwill and a good reputation all of these can be tampered with by a single post! Pastor Tony Rapu, Senior Pastor of This Present House and House of Freedom network of churches and a mentor to many of us in this generation is not connected with an alleged case of fraud, as is currently being peddled on social media. Perhaps the case involves someone named ‘Tony Rapu’ but that is a different person from Pastor Tony Rapu. Want to know what kind of man Pastor Tony Rapu is? Check out his work on My Lagos Diaries. Enough said. Let’s do the right thing. Have a blessed day

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It’s kind of sad that in the world we live in.. bad news travels so much faster than good news. It’s even worse when the bad news turns out to be completely false.. but noone cares enough to confirm that something is true before rushing to share it. Because afterall, it’s more important to be one of the first, than it is to be correct, right? A story “broke” about an alleged case of fraud, identifying one of the victims as “Anthony Rapu”. And before you know it, multiple blogs/news outlets start peddling a version of it linking a respectable man of God, Dr Tony Rapu. Except none of them bothered to check the facts.. because if they did, they’d realize that he ISN’T actually the person in question, and has no involvement or knowledge of the case. Since y’all wanna talk about Dr Tony Rapu, how about sharing some of the good works he’s done like #myLagosDiaries, or the recent rescue of a young boy called Shanawole? How about sharing some good news? No? Or at least maybe just confirm the facts before you drag a good man’s name through the mud??? Nah. Confirming would have been too much work. It’s easier just to repost, right? Shoutout to all the bloggers and reporters who do an amazing job covering the news. Shoutout to the ones who take a moment to make sure they’re doing the right thing… and shoutout to those who just want to make sure they’re the fastest at copying-and-pasting. God bless you all. #TheBankStatements #DrTonyRapu A post shared by Banky W. (@bankywellington) on












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