Ozoz Sokoh Explores Multiple Dimensions Of Food On Culture Diaries Season 2, Webisode 5

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In this webisode Wana Udobang explore’s the multiple dimensions of food with writer and explorer, Ozoz Sokoh AKA Kitchen Butterfly.

For me, food has always been about discovery, about learning and about travel- Ozoz Sokoh

Ozoz love for food is evident as she discusses the multilayered role food does and can play in our lives. She stresses that food is more than what we experience through our palette but a tool of expression as well as a unifying factor between cultures.

Our food is so nutritious, so full of flavour and has such incredible variety, it shocks me that we don’t celebrate it as much as we do football- Ozoz Sokoh

She goes on to discuss her discoveries of the variety of Nigerian food and how it can be melded for different exotic use and concludes by showing us how understanding the seasonality’s of Nigerian food can open up new corridors of interactions globally.




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