Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019: Balenciaga

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Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 is in full swing in the one of the fashion capitals of the world.

The Fashion and Style Department is doing Show Reports on some select designers showcasing their latest collection this season.

According to a review by Vogue’s  Sarah Mower, excepts from it reads:”The first looks out were a continuation and refinement of the 3-D molding technique Gvasalia introduced last season: a series of femme-fatale replicants in strong-shoulder, nipped-waist coats. Given the visual drama of the digital magma erupting all around, it could have strayed into a dystopian sci-fi zone, but Gvasalia had other ideas. “We challenged ourselves to make tailoring for today’s generation. How can they wear a suit which they never do?” he explained.

The solution he called “neo-tailoring” fluid shirt-jackets with matching trousers, for men and women alike. “It’s like a jogging suit, but it looks super-elegant in shape. There’s no obligation to wear a shirt and tie, because the jacket has become the shirt. Somehow,” he said, laughing, “this is what I want to wear myself.””

Scroll down for the full collection below.

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