Patience Jonathan Offered Me Bribe, Herself & President Jonathan Planning To Kill Me- Mbaka


Spiritual director of the Adoration Ministries Enugu (AMEN), Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, has accused President Goodluck Jonathan of planning to assassinate him.

Mbaka endorsed Muhammadu Buhari, candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the forthcoming presidential election.

According to reports by The Cable, Mbaka alleges that Jonathan has been intolerant of his opposition to his government.

“Did they think that killing father Mbaka would make Jonathan and his wife win the election?” he asked in a video. “Is Mbaka their problem? All this while father Mbaka has been supporting Jonathan and the wife, did Buhari and his party, make any statement or threaten him for over six years? “I want to send this message to the atmosphere, let it now be known to the whole world that President Goodluck Jonathan and Patience, are planning to assassinate father Mbaka. “It’s a known secret, so however they are planning it, I don’t know, whoever they want to use, I don’t know; they would not come themselves; they would use this unemployed people, the same people I’m speaking for.

“Just like in the days of Chimaroke [a former governor of Enugu], I came here announcing that they were planning to attack the ministry. People said it could not happen but they struck one night.” Likening the situation between him and the president to that of Pharoah and Moses in the Bible, the most popular priest in the south east begged to be left alone. “After the passover, the family of Pharaoh cried and the remnant of the tears got to a conclusion in the middle of the red sea. Let them leave Father Mbaka alone,” he said. Mbaka said the first lady Patience Jonathan offered to bribe him by sending money through Ike Ekweremadu, deputy senate president, but he rejected it. “The so-called money they are boasting that they gave Father Mbaka, I have severally [sic] here on this altar put my hands to tell the whole world that it is true if it is true,” he said. “Ekweremadu, the deputy senate president, came with one little, would I call it a bag or purse, I don’t know, containing some money. He said Mrs president gave to you, and the money was rejected and it is in Ekweremadu’s house. “I am not holding one kobo of Patience Jonathan’s money. If he tries any nonsense, the battle would be between Goodluck and God.”





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