Patterns, Textiles And Prints In Nigerian- London Based Fashion Label ‘HCC’ ‘Fabuleux’ Collection

Helen Chukwu, founder of the ‘HCC’ fashion line is a keen young Nigerian fashion designer and Creative Director of her “HCC’ label based in London.

Helen interested patterns, textiles and prints of fabrics and sees fashion as somewhat omnipresent. According to her “it isn’t something that exists strictly in clothes; it is all about our ideas, cultures, the way we live and what influences us as people”.

The designer further explains that she is open-minded woman willing to take risks by contrasting elements: fragility and strength, fluidity and severity, tradition, modernity and culture, to achieve the result she wants.

She adds “having the opportunity to create my most recent collection ‘Fabuleux’ at a relatively young stage in my life has enabled me to depict an imaginary and exemplary woman through my pieces. An essential part of this collection for me was eliminating most women’s fear of wearing bright colors boldly, explaining why the color orange is shown quite heavily both in the men and women’s wear. These pieces mean the world to me because they embody glamour and courage, and of course class and strength! The pattern cutting and fabrics had to beperfect. Everyone deserves to be ‘FABULEUX’!”

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