Paul Chooses Sides In The Okoye Brothers Fight And It Isn’t Peter’s!

2OKOYEEarlier on, we gave you the DL on the fresh drama between the Okoye brothers – Peter, and Jude (Read here if you missed). During the dramatic twitter rant, we noticed that Peter’s twin and second half of the PSquare fame, Paul had not said anything regarding the whole messy fight.

However, we didn’t have to wait long as Paul has finally taken a side and…it probably isn’t what most will be expecting. You know that saying about twins and “bonds”? Well, there’s no such thing for Peter and Paul (in this case).

Though Peter pointed at their elder brother, Jude being the source of the issues with PSquare, Paul has come out to say his loyalty remains with family. Get this… he shared a photo of what used to be the three of them but replaced Peter’s image with a studio!

See what he shared on Instagram below…

Does this explain why we’ve been seeing the brothers do solo collaborations?

Now, we’ve always known there is a bit of bad blood between the Okoye brothers but we sure wish they can sort through this messy fight and give us back our PSquare!





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