“President Jonathan, PDP Can’t Claim Credit For Curtailing Ebola” – Governor Fashola

Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State has said that the true heroes behind Nigeria’s success in curtailing the spread of Ebola Virus Disease are not those campaigning across the country.


In his Independence Day address in Lagos, Wednesday, Mr. Fashola said that credit should not be taken away from the health workers who helped curtailed the virus.

At various rallies across Nigeria, ruling party politicians have continued to cite Nigeria’s success on the virus as among the achievements of President Goodluck Jonathan and the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party.

“I have heard some stories emanating from campaign podiums with claims of conquering Ebola,” said Mr. Fashola. “The question we must ask is whether those who make these claims saw Ebola? It is women like Stella Ameyo Adedevoh to whom such a claim rightly belongs. It is young Nigerians like Dr. Morris Ibeawuchi, who first made contact with the index case patient and continued to treat him who saw and conquered Ebola. He got infected, from doing his job, got sick, survived and is back to his job.”

The governor went on to list a number of heroes before concluding his statement.

“As I have said before, I know that the temptation to focus on our failures and lament our national deficiencies is great. I know that the temptation to compare our achievements with our potentials and conclude that we could have done much better is perhaps inevitable. But I say to you the Nigerian youth, choose to take on a more positive attitude. It is a choice and that choice is yours,” he added.


Credit: Premium Times

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