#PFWAFRICA2017! Makioba Showcases Impressive Collection On The Runway

PFWA OnoBello-5631

Plus Size Fashion Week Africa opened in Lagos for the first time on Saturday September 2nd 2017 with showcases specially tailored for the curvy ladies.

The night opened to an impressive turn out with the plus size models specially selected for the runway bringing their A-game to the runway.

Makioba showcased a line of pieces with intricate beading and details at the Plus Size Fashion Week Africa 2017.


See collection below

PFWA OnoBello-5642

PFWA OnoBello-5646

PFWA OnoBello-5661

PFWA OnoBello-5669

PFWA OnoBello-5672

PFWA OnoBello-5680

PFWA OnoBello-5689

PFWA OnoBello-5697

PFWA OnoBello-5705

PFWA OnoBello-5712

PFWA OnoBello-5724

PFWA OnoBello-5734

PFWA OnoBello-5746

PFWA OnoBello-5756


Photographer: Insigna media

Makeup: avatar_makeover and chi_sandydiva




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