Please Don’t Compare Me To King Sunny Ade — Adekunle Gold

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Who is to say that any fast rising music acts would not happily jump at the rare opportunity of being compared to a living legend of King Sunny Ade’s pedigree, but such is not the case with afro-urban music singer, Adekunle Gold, who has often times been compared to the juju music maestro.

“I hear it a lot and I’m honoured that people just mention his name when they mention my name. I think that is an amazing feat. But like I always say, comparing me to Sunny Ade is really good, but I want people to see me as just Adekunle Gold”, he told Showtime.

However, it was dreams come true when he heard the juju music king sing his songs word for word at an event.

“It made a great impression in my life. The fact that he even sang my song word for word was a big deal for me. I mean who could have thought that a King Sunny Ade would listen to my song, let alone sing it word for word”, he said excitedly.

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