“Poetry Seems Like an Appendage to Other Artistic Products”- Efe Paul-Azino| Watch Culture Diaries



Following rave reviews to episode one of season 2 of Wana Udobang’s Culture Diaries which featured actress and Nigerian sweetheart Ade Laoye, episode 2 of the series features more banter and interesting exposes on the culture scene. In this webisode, Wana and her guest, poet and Director of the Lagos International Poetry Festival,  Efe Paul Azino dive right into some of the key debates within the poetry community.

“In spite of the attention poetry is getting in the country, it still seems like an appendage to other artistic products,” he said.

Efe’s episode is an interesting as it is intriguing, for many reasons. First, he talks about his transition from ‘political’ poetry to the more emotional side of poetry and the need for his work to make a difference.

“Poetry must come from a place of honesty. You have to write based on what you feel”

Secondly, he discusses his personal growth and internal conflicts and how that finds expression in his recent work

“It is doubtful if a work of poetry can be powerful and effective if it is not vulnerable on some level”

Thirdly, he discusses the dilemma of vulnerability which African male poets must navigate given the backdrop of tradition, culture and stereotypes.

The webisode concludes with yet another ‘evolution’ of Efe from an artist to a gate keeper, given his role as Director of the Lagos International Poetry Festival

Watch below.

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