Police Search for Shi’ite Members, Arrest Many in Abuja



The Nigerian Police have arrested a plethora member of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria for raiding the National Assembly and inflicting injuries on a policeman and an operative of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, in Abuja, on Tuesday.

The force has also launched a search for the Islamic sect ‘Shi’ite’ members across the city centre.

According to reports, the sect members had stormed the NASS complex to protest the continued incarceration of their leader, Ibrahim Zakzaky who had been in custody since December 2015.

It was also reported that a police team was spotted at Samuel Ademulegun Avenue, near the National Mosque, searching commercial buses in order to fish out the sect members.

An Assistant Commissioner of Police, whose name was uncertain, lead a team of police men who were seen harassing commuters and other passers-by.

The force men also reportedly dismissed media men who were at the scene for reports.

However, the Federal Capital Territory police spokesman, Anjuguri Manzah, said he was preparing a statement on the number of arrests made.


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