Pope Francis Kisses Shoes Of Sudanese Leaders In Plea For Peace









Leader of the Vatican, Pope Francis on his plea for peace surprisingly knelt and kissed the feet of South Susan’s previously warring leaders during a two-day spiritual retreat at the Vatican.
President Salva Kiir and his rival, the former rebel leader, Riek Machar, clashed in 2013 leading to a civil war that left about 400,000 people dead.
“I am asking you as a brother to stay in peace. I am asking you with my heart, let us go forward” Pope Francis said after he kissed their feet, a very rare gesture. .

“I urge you, then, to seek what unites you, beginning with the fact that you belong to one and the same people, and to overcome all that divides you. People are wearied, exhausted by past conflicts: Remember that with war, all is lost!” he added.

Both Sudanese leaders signed a peace agreement last year that brought the war to an end.

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