Popular CNN Anchor, Richard Quest Tests Positive For COVID-19

CNN EXPANSION NEW YORK 2017  Richard Quest

The host of CNN International’s Quest Means Business, Richard Quest, has tested positive for the novel pandemic, COVID-19.

Quest disclosed the news on his Twitter handle, stating that he’s showing just few symptoms of the viral disease since his result came back over the weekend.

“I have caught coronavirus. I am blessed in that I have few symptoms — just a cough. I am saving my prayers and thoughts for those less fortunate. Stay in. And protect lives.” the economics reporter wrote on Twitter.

He also said that he will continue to work but will “take it easy if it all gets too much during his on-air program.

Two other on-air figures at the network, Chris Cuomo and Brooke Baldwin, also have tested positive for the coronavirus. Cuomo has continued to anchor Cuomo Prime Time, but Baldwin, a daytime anchor, has taken time out to recover.

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