President Goodluck Jonathan Is Not Giving Me Money- Ibinabo Fiberisima


Earlier this month, it was announced that Nollywood actress Ibinabo Fiberesima was re-elected as the President, Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) following a landslide victory.

The elated Fiberesimaafter the pronouncement took to Facebook to thank her colleagues and fans.

Moving on almost two weeks from that announcement, Fiberesima in an interview with Punch, talks about her plans going forward for the welfare of AGN’smembers and President Goodluck Jonathan’s support for Nollywood.


When asked about the measures to protect the image of the guild and its members, she says:

Now that we have a health plan for Nollywood actors and actresses, you don’t see many of us begging any more. So we don’t have actors asking us to raise money for them again.

We are telling all actors now that if they are not valid members of the guild and something bad happens to them, they are on their own. No state governor or government will come to their aid, if they are not registered members of AGN.

We are ready to support any of our members because that is what the guild was founded for.

Ibinabo Fiberisima


When asked about AGN’s split in different factions, she says:

There is no division in the Guild.I think the problem is that everybody expects you to please them all the time. But you can’t satisfy everybody a hundred per cent. You can only do your best, which is what I am doing. Although everybody has the right to speak their minds, if these people who have been criticising my administration know what the AGN is all about – I am sure they don’t even know where the office of the guild is located – they won’t be going to the press to run us down.

Ibinabo Fiberisima


When asked about her frequent visits to the Presidential Villa in Abuja to see President Goodluck Jonathan, she says:

President Goodluck Jonathan has done a lot for Nollywood. He has helped us tremendously. Maybe some people are thinking that he is giving me money. But he is not doing that. They forget that there is a process you must pass through to get money from government as a Nollywood professional, not necessarily as an actor. Movie producers, directors, editors, scriptwriters, even costumiers have all been able to get access to funds to train themselves. People should learn and understand what is going on in the film industry before attacking other people.”

Ibinabo Fiberisima



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