Too Pretty! Shells Naija Releases Shells Belles Kidz “Ankara Mommy & Me” Collection

Shells-Naija-1 Shells-Naija-2

This photos just shows that girls have all the fun in fashion, It’s too pretty!!!

Shells Naija is the lead designer and founder of Shells Belles Kidz.

To kick off the New Year, the designer releases her latest “Ankara Mommy & Me” that has been launched in the United States.


Shells-Naija-3 Shells-Naija-4


Shells-Naija-5 Shells-Naija-6


Shells-Naija-7 Shells-Naija-8


Shells-Naija-9 Shells-Naija-16


Shells-Naija-11 Shells-Naija-12 Shells-Naija-13 Shells-Naija-14 Shells-Naija-15 Shells-Naija-17 Shells-Naija-18

For more information, contact: Website: | IG- shellsnaija | Twitter- sbelleskidz | Facebook- | Email- | Phone- +1-215 8476412

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