Prints And Patterns Are Up Our Fashion Radar, Take A Look At How To Wear Them!

Prints and patterns make fashion fun. Prints are our favourite way to add character to an outfit. When you put prints together, the result is an artful collage that warrants a second glance. The amazing thing about prints is how they come together in varied proportions, colors and different textures.

If you’re feeling the need to express yourself with more than words, go for a printed piece. A printed or patterned dress is bold and will make you stand out, giving you an edge. Prints are bold and edgy, giving you a chance to put some personality into an outfit.

Prints are also perfect for distracting away from less flattering areas. Typically prints won’t accent your silhouette as much as a solid piece would, giving you more control over which parts of your body to draw attention to.

By now, we all know the age-old rule of only wearing one print at a time is boring. Mixing different prints has taken a life of themselves and proven to be an art form.A patterned top and a contrasting bottom is wildly exciting and fresh—and we can’t get enough of it.


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