Quick Tips On How To Eliminate Stress And Find A Calm State

Stress comes in many forms and enters our lives through a multitude of channels. How can we deal with such a pervasive force? Clearly, there is no singular solution to such a complex issue, but there are simple steps that work well in the war against stress.

If what causes you stress is something you can avoid, then go for it! Unfortunately, most of what we find stressful is perceived that way because we can&#39t avoid it. While you may not be able to avoid stressors, you most certainly can change how you react to them.

Here are a few ways to avoid stressful situations:

•    Don&#39t worry about things you can’t control
•    Prepare to the best of your ability for events you know may be stressful, so that you are not operating in a wing and a prayer mode
•    Try to look at change as a positive challenge, not a threat.
•    Work to resolve conflicts with other people, even when you know you are right.

•    Ask for help from family, friends, clergy or professionals.
•    Set realistic goals at home and at work.
•    Exercise on a regular basis.
•    Eat well-balanced meals, and try to make sure your snacks are healthy.
•    Get enough sleep, and then learn how to nap when you need to rejuvenate.

•    Meditate, stretch, practice deep breathing.
•    Get away from your daily stresses with sports, social events and hobbies you enjoy.
•    Find the humor in a situation.
•    Set aside time just for yourself and then get a massage, pedicure, manicure, some kind of “cure” that allows you to relax.
•    Take charge of your caffeine habit by ordering decaf, and then chase it with a bottle of water.

Whatever technique you want to employ, just don’t let stress from work, friends, commitments and more weigh you down.


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