Report Says 14% Of Recovered Coronavirus Patients In China Test Positive Again

China Coronavirus Patients Test Positive Again OnoBello

Up to 14 per cent of the recovered coronavirus patients in China have tested positive again after being discharged from the hospital.

According to Mail Online, doctors at a hospital in Wuhan, China, where the virus emerged reported that between 3 and 14% of cured patients became reinfected with the illness, though it’s unclear whether they were contagious the second time.

The news came as experts feared that China is facing a second outbreak due to the increasing number of imported cases as well as the ‘silent carriers’ who show no symptoms.

Tongji Hospital, where the first case of Coronavirus was detected, reported that five out of 145 discharged patients, about 3 percent, tested positive again in nucleic acid tests. According to him, surveillance of similar patients showed that 80 to 90% had no trace of the virus in their system one month after being discharged.

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